Contemporary mobile apps offer unique and revolutionary features to users. Some applications need to provide a feature related to the geographical location of buyers and sellers of particular products. As such, On-Demand Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, and Taxi Booking companies are preferring geolocation apps for doing business. They’re looking for app development agencies providing such an integration facility.

Geolocation is an expensive feature and the developers should know how to integrate it with a mobile app. They must learn some app integration skills before undertaking such client projects. Geolocation apps may also take a little longer to be built at times. The developers have to partner with Google Maps, Apple Maps, or similar facilities to facilitate their app-building project.

App owners get several benefits from deploying such features to their products. They also get better user recognition on app stores and social media channels. In this article, we will explore 10 advantages of deploying a geolocation feature on a mobile app and how it could impact your online business growth.

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What’s Geolocation Technique & What Type of Mobile Apps Need It?

What’s Geolocation Technique & What Type of Mobile Apps Need It?

Nowadays, many digital devices are becoming internet-enabled. From wristwatches to rings, the internet is approaching various categories of objects. Geolocation simply helps users find the geographical position of such smart objects. The technology is mainly used to find the position of a customer’s smartphone. Geolocation apps have contributed a lot to the industrial market size. By 2027, it is expected to touch the $100.4 billion mark.

The upcoming 5G network is expected to influence GPS and Geolocation technology like never before. Future Geolocation applications will perform incredibly on user devices. Here are the different app categories that require geolocation features:

1. On-Demand Delivery Apps

This is the biggest category of geolocation or share location apps. The workers or delivery executives who need to carry an on-demand customer order need such geolocation apps to reach the destination as soon as possible. Even if they’re familiar with the city or town they can’t find the exact location of the customer. Food, Medicine & Grocery Delivery Apps come in this category.

2. Navigation Apps

Navigation apps are used by transportation and travel companies. Local Trucking, Taxi Booking & Vehicle Renting businesses are using such features in their mobile app to overcome any delay in the journey. The app geolocation feature assists drivers to reach a target location in time and take the best and shortest route to complete the journey.

3. Gaming Apps

Modern mobile games also come with a technological upgrade to improve the level of experience of users. For example, Pokémon Go offers a whole new virtual experience to users. Such mobile games work along with a geolocation system or online maps. Users may find their gaming partners using such app features. Hence, technology is influencing the gaming sector.

4. Social Media

Whenever people travel to their favorite destinations, they like to share their experiences with friends, relatives, and co-workers. Meanwhile, they need a geolocation feature to update their live status and that’s what makes this an important feature. They can also use a geolocation tracking app to share their location with a friend to pick them up, like WhatsApp.

So, these were some popular applications of Geolocation technology for smartphone users. Surely, the technology is expected to target more industries and businesses in the future.

10 Advantages of Using Geolocation in a Mobile App

Advantages of Using Geolocation in a Mobile

Now coming to the business part, many app companies are integrating the feature into their mobile apps and attracting new users and customers. They’re spending more on their app maintenance and updates accordingly. What’s the reason behind it? In this segment, we’ll review 10 benefits that app companies can draw from incorporating a geolocation feature. Let’s proceed:

1. Provide Personalized Experience

Users love personalized app features and functions. They start getting emotionally attached to the app company. This is very important to raise their brand loyalty and retain them to your product. Customers can track their orders in real-time and stay connected until getting their goods are delivered to their doorstep.

2. Data Collection & Analysis

Geolocation apps also help you draw particular data from your customers. You can collect the addresses of your prime customers and target them in case of facing poor business conditions in the future. You may also use their contact details to share new offers and discounts in the future through emails, SMS, and WhatsApp.

3. Customer Loyalty

A satisfied customer soon becomes a loyal customer. The geolocation feature is used to improve the level of customer satisfaction by providing timely and safer delivery of products. Consequently, the customers start using the app so often and build an emotional connection with your brand.

4. Raise Brand Awareness

Mobile apps having modern features soon become popular among users and customers. As such, an app for geolocation can lead to brand awareness and popularity. People review the top app features on Google Play and App Store before installing the app. make sure to add advanced features like Geolocation.

5. Better ROI

Every mobile app needs to bring a good ROI after the launch. A geolocation app builder tool can be expensive to use at times. Consequently, your app-building project cost may increase. But, on the other hand, advanced features attract more user traffic and consequently higher conversion for good ROI.

6. Merge Online & Offline Business

Suppose you have a physical store or shop for selling a particular good. You can make people visit your store without doing any marketing. You have a geolocation app and it’s enough for customers to find your shop in the city. When they don’t want to order something home, they can visit your offline store.

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7. Timely Service

Your online business is not supposed to be late in case providing an on-demand delivery service. In the case of daily and perishable goods, users can’t wait and the delivery person has to do his/her work faster. Consequently, geolocation in mobile app becomes very crucial and showcase the quality of your service.

8. Customer Trust

In case the customer doesn’t trust your online company, he won’t use your application back after the first attempt. The iOS or Android geolocation feature can bring their trust back to your mobile app functionality. Your customers remain yours for many years ahead when getting timely home delivery services.

9. Higher Profits

The business profit shouldn’t be constant and must grow with time. By adding advanced features like geolocation, you can enhance your app business profit and grow it impressively. In fact, you can get new investors in the future to improve your app functionality and business model.

10. Business Growth

Mobile apps are run by many renowned companies. However, these companies have introduced various app updates in the past. If your mobile app is not updated, you can’t trigger a new audience or group of users. The best geolocation app always goes through updates and brings growth to your business model.

Final Thought

This is why many app companies are approaching app development agencies providing geolocation integration services. Geolocation apps will target many future industries and businesses. If you also want to initiate a mobile app business, think about the geolocation technology once and recall a conclusion. Just go for it!

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