The mobile apps are categorized into various business models. Small & medium scale businesses don’t follow the same app creation strategies as followed by large-scale undertakings. Though there are some similarities as well between the two mobile apps, the users can surely find out the difference between the UI/UX of the two these days. Where Native Apps indicate quality & reliability, in the long run, cross-platform apps define speed and popularity more likely.

That’s the main difference between the two. However, there are some other advantages of using Native Apps that many app companies & businesses are expecting in 2021. Moreover, smartphone and mobile internet accessibility have also increased in the past few years in different parts of the world.

The importance of native mobile apps is rising among cross-platform developers and app companies too. That’s why they use frameworks like React Native Mobile App development to trick iPhone users majorly. iPhone apps are usually based on pure native mobile app development approaches. In this article, we’ll specify how businesses are gaining more customer recognition and traffic by offering such mobile apps.

We’ll also highlight the basic concept and feature highlights related to the native mobile app development process. Let’s get started!

What is a Native Mobile App?

Certain mobile app functionalities and features depend on the platform they’re focused on. Native apps can be based on both iOS and Android platforms but one such app can’t be dedicated to 2 different platforms at the same time. That’s what differentiates native mobile apps from cross-platform, hybrid, and web-based apps. A native mobile app can either be found on Google Play Store or Apple Store. This shows the specificity & uniqueness of such apps.

There are more native apps on Apple Store than the Google Play Store. The reason is Apple’s unique product and service approach. However, the developers are using Flutter, React Native Mobile App, and the likewise frameworks to provide that unique feel to their cross-platform projects and clients as well. Because uniqueness and higher quality always attract higher user attention. That’s why iPhone users cover more smartphone markets in the North American and European regions.

6 Reasons Why Native Apps are Essential for Businesses

Even though cross-platform app development frameworks provide some native UI elements too, some app companies still prefer to go with a pure native approach to facilitate their target audience effectively. Native app development also requires added project investment from them, still, they want to choose it for better performance. Here’s why such apps are essential for business growth and welfare:

1. Top Quality

Renowned business entities never compromise on product and service quality as the human rights activists and media houses always approach these corporations for executing a topic of concern. Moreover, today’s era of the digital revolution and social networking sites can immediately lower down the online reputation of a mobile app company if not met with user tastes and preferences effectively.

Native mobile apps are often top quality and focus on a particular platform along with the users. Some users and customers just want to remain stick to these platforms and relative devices and that’s why businesses focus on native UI/UX at times.

2. Best Performance

Because of having dedicated app UI/UX functions, the Native Apps perform quite effectively as compared to cross-platform apps. Such apps don’t suffer from poor loading time and slow functionality. The users often prefer to use such apps as they’re very conscious about their time and entertainment. They’ve got a lot of alternatives and options to explore these days as mobile internet is filled with multiple stuff out there. Hence, slow loading can affect user retention and interest to a very high extent.

3. Security

The more mobile apps are available on the app stores, the higher the chances of cyber threats for your online business. While performing app security operations the developers have to work on so many aspects because as soon as the mobile app becomes famous, the chances of cyber-attacks increase. The app companies need to protect their own as well as the user’s interest in making use of the app’s interactive functions.

4. Quick Submission

This might seem like a false reason but could prove to be a logical one in certain cases. Without using the Flutter or React Native Mobile App development approach, the developers can create and deploy native mobile apps within small time frames as well. They only need to make a mobile app for a single platform in the initial stage. They can target the relative audience and still make their business appearance count before app stores.

5. Effective UI/UX

There’s no competition of dedicated UI/UX that’s offered by Native Apps very often. That’s why cross-platform apps need to come up with added native UI features for helping developers generate a relative effect in their mobile apps. The UI/UX design can generate more user engagement and participation on the mobile app and that’s why developers can’t overlook the feature.

6. Better Access to Hardware Features

A cross-platform app can’t provide for multiple hardware features more effectively than a native mobile app. Due to this; the app behaves differently on different smartphone devices. This would surely affect the speed and responsiveness of the mobile app UI elements and come up with a poor experience for app users. Hence, businesses are preferring native apps to generate enhanced device compatibility through their mobile apps.

Closing Words

The foundation of mobile app development is quality & speed. Even if you’re not able to cover a larger audience’s attention in the initial period of your app promotion over app stores and search engines, you can manage to cater to the user’s tastes and preferences slowly in the future. Native Apps provide you with such mobile app performance and relative business experience. Reach out to Appikr for added information regarding your native mobile app development project today!!

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