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Cost To Develop a Taxi Booking App Like Bolt

The cost of creating a mobile app depends on various factors. Business niche is one of the top factors to recall in this context. Taxi booking is also a renowned and successful business niche. Many emerging entrepreneurs are using this business idea to fulfill the traveling demand of the locals and tourists. But they have […]Read More

What is Google Lens and How Does it Work in

Google is one of the greatest pioneers of technology worldwide. It has become so much more than a search engine nowadays. The company is introducing various new products in the market that are mostly virtual or digital. Google Lens and apps like Google Lens are one of those digital products. It is a mobile app […]Read More

Cost to Create a Clothing App Like SHEIN

Fashion stores are ruling the online shopping industry. These stores have a variety of products for various groups of customers. There’s a fashion for, kids, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and old age. You can find either homogeneous or hybrid fashion stores for such products. Shein app also represents a renowned eCommerce fashion app that’s gaining adequate […]Read More

Develop Your Virtual Reality App with Oculus Quest

VR application development is quite an expensive process for budding start-ups and app companies. The technology is new in the industry; therefore, the app integration process may require a higher cost. Moreover, Virtual Reality app development is focused on a particular device so the development process is quite personalized. No matter what, VR application development is becoming […]Read More

Data Privacy Tips Digital Security Experts Wish You Knew

Mobile apps are compromising data privacy in different ways. The internet is becoming more threatful over time. What’s the reason behind that? Mobile internet is becoming more assessable and flexible. Likewise, the demand for smartphones is increasing worldwide. But how does that affect global mobile app security? Mobile apps become a pool of information and data […]Read More

Tooter App: Latest Alternative of Twitter App

Tooter is a social media and news app established in July 2020 that’s considered a perfect alternative to Twitter. Made in India, the app is getting adequate user attention in the market. People are calling it a “Swadeshi” social media and news app and are using it to stay updated on various national and international […]Read More

How to Safeguard Your Mobile App from Crash?

Mobile app crashing is a very common problem among users and developers. There can be certain reasons associated with it that users and developers need to know. The top reason is not having adequate space for operating the app on a device. Apart from that, the app developers can find out various reasons associated with […]Read More

Best Apps For Secret Messaging in 2022

Smartphones have brought a new trend for private conversations and chatting into the market. Although users can go for private phone calls, secret texting has its own benefits. Therefore, secret message apps are becoming famous in the mobile market. These applications are providing unmatched security for users. Today, database and information security are the top priority […]Read More

6 Best Budgeting Apps to Manage Personal Finance

Personal finance apps can prove to be your best friend in long term. Mobile apps are easy to use and save a lot of time for you. You don’t need to visit different personal finance firms. Moreover, you can compare the different offers and schemes related to various financing companies and make your decision. Everyone […]Read More

How to Make a Mobile Game App from Scratch?

Mobile games are doing amazing in the online market. The requirement for such games has grown in the past decade in different regions of the world. Some mobile games have also entered the eSports segment and conduct global tournaments annually. Some popular games in that category are- PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Asphalt 8: […]Read More

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