Do you have a travel app to showcase your business potential in the relative industry? The tourism sector brings an evergreen opportunity for businesses related to other industries like Hospitality, Food & Beverages, etc. Airbnb is a fine example to consider in this context. It’s a mobile app to serve tourists who’re looking for private homestay and lodging facilities at different locations worldwide. Airbnb has encouraged other Travel App Development companies to come up with innovative solutions for both app users and businesses.

However, following the global Covid19 pandemic outbreak, the tourism industry has lost its evergreen status to some extent in the past 1.5 years. Does that mean your business investment in the Travel App Development project has become trash? Not at all. Besides Europe and certain Asian regions, the rest of the worldwide countries are open for tourism and family outing. Hence, you may initiate your tourism app-building project anytime.

The travelers often book for future trips if not able to break a regional lockdown in case of a corresponding pandemic. Therefore, the companies must not suspend their app development project in between. Besides, you may find other challenges like the cost of app building affecting your tourism business play remarkably. Going through this post you may figure out the various factors affecting the cost of travel app creation.

In addition, you’ll also get to know about the leading features and functionalities associated with traveling apps. Let’s get started!

Top Features & Functions Available on Travel Apps

The mobile app market is meaningless without specific features and functionalities. These features differentiate among various types of apps and businesses. Travel App Development is also focused on specific features that the app users are expecting for planning a great trip. The app developers can target different consumer groups by providing various app features for travel enthusiasts.

Here are the top app features and functions to consider:

  1. Geo-Location Access
  2. Traveling Suggestions
  3. Travel Reviews
  4. Digital Currency Exchange
  5. Payment Gateway
  6. Social Media Sharing
  7. Select Mode of Transportation
  8. Booking Specific Transportation
  9. Access to New Offers
  10. Trave Bills & Tickets

Besides, app development companies also add custom features and functionalities to specific traveling apps as per client prerequisites. These features help them score comparatively better across different app stores and target unique audiences at times. For advanced custom app building solutions, you can contact Appikr and interact with our experienced Android & iOS App Development experts!

How to Decide on the Cost of Travel App Development?

While evaluating the cost of Travel App Development you may come across various important aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if you have hired an app-building firm to lead your travel app project, you have to make sure of the right cost & expenditure before calculating the ROI. Let’s figure out the different factors that are responsible for the cost of travel app creation:

1.App Features

As discussed earlier, app features and functions often help companies differentiate their business model from their rivals on the app stores. Therefore, the app development cost of travel booking firms can vary among a variety of features and functions added. Custom and futuristic features like AR VR integration could also raise the cost of development exceptionally. Therefore, app companies must make sure of the right app features to showcase their products and services.

2. Location

It primarily depends on the app company whether to go for app developer services in other countries or simply select their native country. Some app creation services are comparatively cheaper in specific countries. India stands exceptional in this list. The country is becoming an IT hub with millions of professionals in Asia and provides for millions of overseas projects especially based in the US, Canada, Singapore, UK, Australia, Japan, and Korea, etc.

3. App Designing

App designing operations majorly relate to the UI/UX design components used. These components vary among different app building requirements as per business needs, user tastes, and preferences. The components mainly comprise of:

  • Navigation
  • Input Controls
  • Informational Elements
  • Containers
  • Icons
  • Error Messages
  • Colors& Gradients
  • Image Overlaying
  • Primary Action and
  • CTA Buttons

For Travel App Development you can guide the developers as per your business theme and emerging trends. You can also request your developer team to conduct research for getting early insight into the upcoming trend and decorate your travel app accordingly for better performance in the future. The cost may rise or fall accordingly.

4. Target Platforms

Platforms are the specific OS stores available for deploying a particular mobile app. These are the various sources of user traffic on your mobile app. The 2 most important platforms you shouldn’t overlook are- Android & iOS. But you may further raise your app-building cost by deploying the same on Windows, Linux and macOS, Unix, Chrome OS, and other options available for multiple devices. However, deploying on iOS is cheaper than deploying on Android’s Google Play Store.

5. Travel App Development Team

The approaching factor relates to the workforce. It depends on your project characteristics. Larger projects including more integrations and massive content require bigger teams. Or else, it becomes challenging for the existing development team to submit the project on time and without any mistakes. The app developers could also fail to provide for the same project at times. Hence, hiring a dedicated team with a higher number of professionals becomes essential.

So, you can count on the project size of your travel app and then make out a decision. Usually, the difference between creating an iOS and Android App could vary between $25,000 and $54,000 on average. The cost can further fluctuate around various personal app building factors related to business needs.

Final Words

As such, you can evaluate the right cost involved in your Travel App Development Project. In case you’re still confused regarding the ROI your Travel App is capable of bringing in the future, reach out to Appikr today and share your business vision and mobile app building strategy with our highly qualified mobile application development experts. We’re a trusted app-building company in the UAE, UK, India, and the US!

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