The emergence of Augmented Reality App Companies has opened doors for many mobile gaming ideas and visions targeting mobile app stores. These app stores are already carrying a huge share of gaming applications and users are crazy about such games. Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest gaming feature that’s not only popular among mobile game industries but PC & Console games too.

It provides gaming enthusiasts with a new sort of experience that lets them access the items available in the game to perform a specific action. They can get into a new avatar using such items being the character of the game. That’s what makes the entire game a realistic experience. That’s why mobile game developers and businesses are looking for collaborating with Augmented Reality App Companies.

Some gaming app companies are even optimizing their existing workforce to come up with added skills and expertise to provide for similar app development operations. 21% of app downloads on the Android store comprise mobile games. iOS is experiencing even more downloads representing 25% of games. As such, the demand for AR and similar features is surely going to rise in the future.

In this article, we’ll mention the top 5 AR-based games provided by the leading mobile game development companies out there. We’ll also discuss what AR games are why they’re becoming so popular. Keep reading!

What Are AR Games & Why They’re Popular?

AR games don’t just include mobile games but console & PC games as well. The concept of Augmented Reality is new for only mobile apps and contemporary smart devices. You might have seen it before in various science fiction and superhero movies like Iron Man. The concept is simple. Whatever you see in the real world is accompanied by certain virtual items, products, and graphics. Augmented Reality App Companies are also making sure to add VR integration to such games.

AR games can provide a better experience along with a good VR headset. VR is going to serve a 360-degree virtual effect that can make the mobile game deliver an out-of-the-world experience. Hence, app companies are looking to include such technologies in their virtual goods and products. Pokémon Go is the leading example of such games and is still popular among players across the world.

That’s why AR VR App Development Companies are becoming popular among gaming enthusiasts and mobile game companies that are looking for new market opportunities. Moreover, these companies are indirectly popular among the end-users and gaming freaks who like the emerging concept of AR mobile gaming. Appikr is a renowned AR/VR mobile game development company based in the UAE and providing services to clients and users across the globe!

Top 5 AR Games by Augmented Reality App Companies

The leading Augmented Reality App Companies are making sure to add revolutionary gaming application features to target added user traffic and promote a better gaming experience. We can see all the positive consequences of the same in the top AR mobile games out there. The users are playing such games with higher interest and sharing their experiences right away. Let’s review the top 5 AR games the app stores and users are recommending these days:

1. Solar

It is not just a game but a fine space exploration experience that the users can have without booking for SpaceX’s existing space tour tickets (dedicated to billionaires). The users literally walk on the planets and natural satellites present in the solar system and they need to have a VR headset for a perfect experience. The app is available on the iOS platform alone but captures notable user likes and recognition. It’s not associated with any AR VR App Development Company though, Michael Stoeckli is the seller of the app.

2. Io

The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is an online FPS game that lets gamers convert their natural environment to a battleground and use various items and products in the gameplay against the opponents. The best thing about the game is that you can play with your friends outdoor and maintain your physical health as well. Besides a VR headset, you also need to purchase a laser tag device and integrate it with the gaming app. Without a laser tag device, you won’t be able to shoot the opponents.

3. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

For all Harry Potter fans, the latest AR game brings a fantastic real-world experience of collecting various magical items and competing with opponents worldwide. The game is developed by Niantic, a famous software development and Augmented Reality App Company based in California, United States. The game UI/UX is easy to grab and use and provides a real-life experience of becoming a wizard character of the famous book & film franchise.

4. Egg, Inc

The game is available on the Google Play store only and is probably the easiest of all other games to play out there. Yet, the game provides a brilliant AR experience to the players, and they can build their virtual farm, accumulate resources and introduce various updates to their virtual setup. The game is based on Google’s ARCore and that’s why the devices need to support the same. The game has unique and classic graphic elements that deliver a feel of a remote location far from the hectic city environment.

5. Zombies, Run!

Another best AR game to consider on the list is Zombies, Run! The game is available to both iOS & Android Users and is a perfect physique booster. You can use it to optimize your morning running skills and stamina. The game has got a built-in zombie-infested world where you need to protect yourself from their attack and also collect the virtual items in your pathway.

Closing Thought

There are many other emerging mobile games to explore in a similar genre. If you’re running a mobile gaming company, you can face adequate competition from potential Augmented Reality App Companies out there. We recommend you either enhance your existing workforce or reach out to Appikr for brilliant AR game development support and help your company grow on the existing user taste and preference index. We’re a famous mobile game app development company in the UAE. Looking for your response!!


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