It is no surprise that mobile app businesses are experiencing various technological shifts over time since the introduction of smartphones worldwide. The mobile apps these days are not the same they used to be in the early 2010s. They’ve various new features and functionalities and Virtual Reality (VR) is one of them. The Virtual Reality App Development Companies are focusing on one powerful factor to stand strong in the mobile app stores for user recognition. That’s the user experience!

VR is going to amplify the user experience to a whole new level. As a result, VR devices and headsets are also generating new market opportunities for various tech corporations across the world. The Virtual Reality App Development Companies are initiating the relationship with such tech corporations and device companies to generate a new trend of online shopping among the device freaks. Around 17% of people are using VR devices in the US alone in 2021.

Consequently, more VR brands are emerging across the world and delivering budget VR devices to consumers, and increasing corresponding VR app users in other regions of the world. Meanwhile, AR technology is also gaining popularity among mobile app and game users out there. In this article, we’ll talk about the popular VR apps in 2021 that reflect different niches the app users are interested in. Let’s get started!

How to Identify VR Apps?

If you’re not familiar with VR apps yet, you must understand their main features and characteristics. VR apps always integrate with a VR device. These devices mostly come in the form of a headset or wearable that the users apply to their eyes. Virtual Reality App Development Companies make sure that the content of the mobile app is easy to access and clear to users’ eyes so that they could have a fine experience using such an app.

The popularity of AR VR App Development Services is not limited to the devices though. The mobile apps have unique UI & UX that contributes to an exceptional user experience. Moreover, VR apps are available to serve multiple niches and business models. The VR apps are of various types including- Immersive First Person, Mirror World, and Through the Window. Enlisted are the main characteristics of the VR apps:

  • VR Apps are Mostly Cross-Platform and provide for both iOS & Android devices
  • The app follows immersion technique to provide an open-world 3D experience to the users
  • The content is quite different from other mobile apps and is based on the innovative immersion technique
  • The content is usually in the form of videos, images, and visuals that feel like the real world to the app user
  • The technique is also very easy to use, the users simply need to place their smartphone in the device to get started

That’s what differentiates a VR app better from other mobile apps. Appikr is a renowned AR VR App Development Service provider company based in the UAE and is devoted to various likewise innovative app creation projects out there!

Top 7 VR Apps by Virtual Reality App Development Companies to Explore in 2021

Moving ahead are the leading VR mobile apps that are famous among VR device users across the world. These apps have unique VR features and functions that are easy to access by the app users and deliver a modern video and visual content experience. Let’s review them in detail:

1. Second Life

Second life is a free mobile app that provides users with access to virtual lands and items with dummy or real money. The lands are distributed among millions of cubic kilometers to explore. The users are also able to sell, buy and create virtual properties and items including fashion stuff. The users are also advised to use supported software like Firestorm to link their VR headsets effectively with the mobile app.

2. Jaunt VR

It is another notable VR app by a leading Virtual Reality App Development Company and is free to use just like Second Life. The app has a four-star user rating on app stores and helps users access immersive 3D Concerts, Videos, Movie Streaming, and more. The app also supports Play Station VR, Samsung Gear, Cardboard, HoloLens by Microsoft, and other relative devices.

3. Altspace VR

Altspace VR is again a free-to-use VR mobile app that can help companies and corporate offices host virtual meetings while working remotely to promote interactions between professionals. It is based on Windows OS and works perfectly with HTC Vive, Oculus, and Samsung Gear. The app has got a 4-star rating on different app stores.

4. SineSpace

SineSpace nearly copies the content of Second Life but delivers some extra features and functions to the users. That’s why it is a paid variant of relative VR mobile apps. Although, its basic plan is still free to use. The virtual devices it supports majorly comprise HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index, etc.

5. Google Earth VR

It belongs to the famous search engine Google and is free to use by any smartphone user. Accompanied by Google Maps, the app lets users travel the world virtually without spending a single buck. In this way, AR VR App Development Services are transforming the way people do their fun stuff regularly.

6. YouTube VR

The YouTube mobile app is the global base for video content. And it’s also free to use for many videos stuff. However, it charges a little amount for particular videos. However, many 360-degree virtual videos are also available to be accessed free on YouTube. It supports multiple VR devices out there.

7. Titans of Space

It is a mobile app entirely based on outer-space and solar system content. Science, Geography enthusiasts, and students can surely get a new experience using this mobile app. They walk on various planets and natural satellites present in our solar system.

Closing Thought

These mobile apps are representing the future of mobile phone usage and an innovative content category. The app users like such innovative features and are ready to pay even some extra bucks for a whole new experience. Virtual Reality App Development Companies are using such opportunities to create futuristic mobile apps for aspiring users. Visit Appikr and let us know what sort of VR app development project you’re looking for. We’re happy to help!!

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