Apple is ready to launch a futuristic product like always. This time their product is going to analyse the users’ health status in an all-new way. Moreover, the device is anticipated to update the user as per their body temperature, posture, and listening skills. Though it may take 7-8 months more for Apple to introduce the product for general usage, technological entities have started looking for a business opportunity. eCommerce companies are also getting updated on such products.

The Wall Street Journal predicted that “these functions aren’t expected by next year and might never be rolled out to consumers or the timing could change.” However, by the end of 2022, you may see such air-pods somewhere in the eCommerce sites. The product is still in the development phase and if not possible in 2022, would surely visit the market in 2023. Apple has introduced other fitness-related devices in the past.

iWatch is the best example to consider here. The product has transformed the fitness schedule and eating habits of people in the past 5-6 years. The users simply need to download a mobile app that promotes health and fitness. The app should be compatible with iOS and that’s it. The upcoming Apple products are expected to track the blood pressure, quality of sleep, blood sugar, temperature, and blood oxygen of the user.

Over 100 million customers are using Apple Watch in the existing period. The above-mentioned health tracking features would surely impact further sales of iWatch and the latest Air Pods. Apart from iWatch, Air Pods have also generated considerable business opportunities in the past 4 to 5 years. The year 2020 was quite good for Air Pod sales. The company sold 110 million pieces worldwide in that year.

Although next year the sale came down to 85 million units, modern customers are looking forward to new features like temperature tracking, etc. Consequently, the sale of the product is expected to rise in the future. Apple is also taking care of the medical standards while introducing relative products. Integrating wrong health and fitness functionalities could impact users’ health negatively as well.

As such, Apple is paying attention to the quality of Air Pods and taking adequate time to add the modern features as discussed previously. This has resulted in a couple of delays in manufacturing the updated products. Apple Watch 7 was expected to bring the temperature monitoring service in September 2021 but failed to do so. Still, Apple is planning to bring the product soon into the market.

Companies are taking time to add such features to their IoT items. Making a physical product smart is a complicated procedure. Integrating mobile app solutions and IoT features are 2 different things and require companies to introduce 2 different types of expertise. Whatever Apple is about to introduce will surely transform the existing tech market. Apple has got a great customer following around the world.

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