Assessing Supply Chain Bounds with AI

COVID-19 gives clear notice to most organizations: disturbance of supply chain is a genuine and continuous threat. Shortages of Chip forced car developers to pause assembly lines. Scanty instruments make the sanitizer’s production rate slow down and the uprising of the requirement for vaccines and vital drugs leads pharma stores into real pressure.  Among all against the condition, the only good news is artificial intelligence could help us. We have so far used two novel AI tricks to address the disturbance of supply chain conditions like these. 

Artificial Intelligence in the Blend:

At first, we have applied things that we called counterfactual explanations to support our customers to update their existing products quickly. This signifies some particular changes organizations could do to reduce or ignore all types of promising disturbances. Such as, if a major ingredient for an ice-cream bar is all of a sudden becoming unavailable in huge numbers, then counterfactual descriptions could support in finding recipes that utilize little of the problematic ingredient. However, it still, develop an ice-cream bar which indicates the organization’s criteria for cost, taste, and more. 

Now we will see how does it work? You might remember how we have utilized counterfactual descriptions in the previous. Easily put, we observe the impact that creating small changes or tweaks to numerous inputs to a model which have on its output. In our older blog, we demonstrated how this can be applied to describe why a loan application was rejected, and also portray them what transformations they might require to develop to be approved. However, counterfactuals are dynamic, it could work for any kind of product development too!

In this scenario, we will see the impact that little jerks or shifts to ingredients will have on predictions returned by a model of machine learning about the outcomes of the recipe. This model evaluates a certain vital performance indicator made by the product maker. It can be something like the number of calories are in an ice cream bar.  

This approach opens up two different things. The first one is to uncover the most vital matter in the model which is about ingredients. The second thing is what transformations could be done to an existing product, at the time of pursuing factors like cost into account. This enables organizations to “examine” a huge array of possibilities in recipes and uncover as participants before moving on to the physical test in a lab. 

In contrast, the first time the conventional paths to identify alternatives from a close-limitless range of choices could frequently miss the best possible alternatives. Some ingredients could become more expensive in one particular area than in other places. Substitutes could have undesirable properties or impacts on the consequencing product. Else there easily might not be sufficient of them. In terms of searching for alternatives manually needs people with domain expertise, who are heavily in demand already, the entire process is becoming much slower.  

More Primary Change:

Our applied second approach is named deep fruitful networks. These participate while a more primary change to product or articulation is required. We have so far applied deep fruitful networks for the search of new molecules of drugs (example). 

In the supply chain disturbance context, we have applied these various networks to explore more product formulations and recommend alternatives of components. The AI utilizes data from historical and the latest formulations to identify brand new ones. As an outcome, new products come at promisingly reduced costs with higher action. 

A Solution for Today and Tomorrow:

The above-mentioned two initiatives provide organizations a path to apply AI for lessening the risk factor and assure continuity through worldwide supply chain disturbance. Moreover, their usage is not completely bounded within the times of disturbance. 

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