Patent Your Mobile App Idea: A Comprehensive Guide

In case you’re planning to build a very unique mobile application, you can patent your app idea and overcome any sort of competition. You can do this when you want to bring market disruption and a temporary monopoly through your products and services. Moreover, if you want to generate a highly customized app to manage your organizational communication and operations, you need a patent. Likewise, you have to seek relative mobile app development services for your project.

When your business expands, it becomes a brand. To maintain your brand value further, you need to get the copyright or patent associated with your business. A patent is usually for a scientific invention and copyright is related to a work of art. You need to have a copyright of your company logo and a patent of your innovative product. So, the mobile app development services should relate to both your business copyrights and patents.

Through this post, we want you to get a detailed insight into how to patent a mobile app idea for your online business. We’ll also discuss how you can get started with a mobile app patent process and the different aspects you need to keep in mind. Instead, you can also approach an app development service provider if not available for the development procedure. Let’s get started!

Reasons Why You Need to Patent Your App Idea

Reasons Why You Need to Patent Your App Idea

First, you should make up your mind to patent your business idea. Generally, app companies are not concerned about a patent and face open competition in the market. But some companies are not supposed to go for a competitive environment and don’t target a wider customer base. They target specific customers and users and don’t want others to copy their mobile application idea. These businesses require corresponding mobile app development services.

Enlisted are some reasons why app companies decide to patent their mobile app ideas:

  • App companies want to overcome competition
  • Companies want to promote uniqueness through their mobile app
  • App companies are coming up with a revolutionary business plan
  • Protect their app idea for future growth and developments
  • The company can file a case of fraud against other app companies generating clones of the original app
  • For generating a little monopoly in the market and contribute to the business interest

For this, the businesses should seek app development service providers who could suggest the best ways to patent a mobile app idea. The company can also research different ways on the internet to help itself find a good solution!

Things to Consider When You Patent Your Mobile Application Idea

Things to Consider When You Patent Your Mobile Application Idea

Moving further, you have to review certain aspects when you patent your mobile app idea. These aspects can help you understand the different requirements of patent and you can implement your understanding if create more apps in the future. Let’s talk about these aspects in detail:

1. Types of Patent Applications

First, you should decide whether you want to create a provisional app patent or a non-provisional one. A provisional app patent is registered for 12 months and after that, it expires. On the other hand, a non-provisional patent lasts for a lifetime. However, its registration fees are comparatively higher.

2. A Very Unique Idea

This is one of the top requirements of your patent procedure. You must make sure that your mobile app is entirely unique and doesn’t represent a clone design or framework of some other app in the market. You can run research on various app stores before getting your mobile app registered.

3. Authorization for Usefulness

A mobile app development company can’t authorize your app as a useful one. You have to prove that your mobile app is truly useful for a specific customer group. You can’t proceed to get a patent before authorizing the usefulness of a mobile app. The patent providers want to check the feasibility of the mobile app idea you have.

4. Important List of Docs

Then comes the various important documents that you need to review before getting your app idea patented. These documents include- Declaration, Specifications, Entity Status Form, Drawings, ADS, Data Disclosure Statement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Cover Sheet, Expense Sheet, etc.

Essential Steps to Patent a Mobile Application

Essential Steps to Patent a Mobile Application

Moving forward, you need to follow some important steps to patent your mobile application. A mobile app development company can also suggest or follow these steps on behalf of your mobile app business before initiating your app-building project. So, you better communicate your app patent requirement ahead of time with them. Let’s review these steps in detail:

1. Consult a Patent Attorney

A patent attorney is a lawyer who researches whether your mobile app idea is purely unique or copied. Proper fact-checking is very essential in this context or else you can face negative consequences in the future regarding your business growth. You must reach out to an experienced mobile app patent attorney for getting better results.

2. Convert Your Plan to Reality

Mobile app development services can’t help you alone to bring uniqueness to your brand value. You must convert your patent plan to reality by consulting the best lawyer and sharing your business idea with him/her. The court is going to ask for relative proves that your mobile app idea is purely unique and fresh. You can do proper documentation along with your attorney and overcome all legislative proceedings.

3. Decide on the Cost

Ultimately, you will be required to pay the cost of development. The total cost of patent filing and mobile app idea patent depends on various factors including- Review, Elementary Filling, Searching, Classification of Patent, Basic Maintenance, etc. You have to pay the fees accordingly.

4. Implement a Deep Research

You can ask your attorney to conduct proper research and analyse if there’s any sort of clone present on the app stores representing the exact copy of your mobile application. It may take nearly a week for your lawyer to find all possible loopholes in the process. You can try some other idea if the initial one is not working out.

Final Words

In this way, you can make your mobile application exceptionally unique. Mobile app development services include various forms of assistance that you need to raise your business value over different online sources. You can get in touch with a well-known app development company to know more!!

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