Mobile app developers are exploring every possible way to add convenience and flexibility to our day-to-day lives with some amazing mobile apps. An iPhone application development company uses the best technical stack to come up with an amazing app for its users. Moreover, App development technologies, these are gaining new inventions each year. Moreover, users are becoming more and more aware about app functionalities, usability, navigation, and of course exceptional designs. The app stores are jam-packed with millions of apps available on them and in such scenario; you really have to incorporate some distinctly ahead technologies to create a difference among them. Today, every business organization aims to offer a mobile app for their product and services and for this, they simply aim to hire the best App development company.

Developers are in much demand these days who can add wings to their imagination and business concepts with some amazingly developed apps. For this, you become liable to be equipped with some emerging technological trends in app development and need to go beyond limits to deliver unmatched quality backed by efficient technology. In this segment, we have discussed some major app development technologies that will help you to be distinctly ahead of other developers and maintain a huge client base.

5 Mobile App Development Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

This technology has significantly transformed app development in the past few years and still has much potential to be explored. It gives machines the ability to act, react, and behave humanly. An AR/VR app development company can look for mobile applications with AI-powered tools to offer comprehensive and enhanced user experience. Such mobile applications can understand the user’s behavior, predict the user’s action & adjust the look by sensing the mood of the users, and can establish a personal connection with them.

The technology is quite helpful in search engine optimization. Traditionally, an application takes input from a user in voice form or in text form but what if the user has no idea about what that thing is called which he is looking for. AI can help developers to incorporate visual search in mobile applications that recognize images in context with the location of the device to provide better search results without entering the “keyword.”

Moreover, automated logical reasoning can also be quite helpful in making machines capable of finding solutions to some most complex problems. Apart from this, real-time translations, personalized UX, and automatic reply functions are some major areas where AI technology can be very resourceful.

Internet of Things IoT

IoT has witnessed huge growth ever since the concept has been incorporated into app development. IoT has a robust impact on app development as data sharing remains the core competency to make any app successful. Whether you need to develop a native, hybrid or web-based app, IoT has crucial role to play in it. Businesses across the globe are looking for more enhanced framework of IoT that will enable them to completely automate their rigid business operations and emerge as an effective controlling tool for them.

Not only businesses, consumers can also benefit a lot from mobile apps which are strongly enabled with this technology. Smart homes (Alexa) and many others are some current examples of this. IoT has a broad scope in app development including wearables, smart phone applications, healthcare, industrial automation, agriculture, and smart cities. There is still a lot to be explored in this technology and with the advent of 5G network; you can really come up with some innovative app development solutions to amaze your clients.

Beacon Technology

Beacon has made a revolutionary entry in the app development market. Unlike GPS devices, this technology doesn’t limit signals and make them accessible even in the deepest areas. Beacon technology allows an Android app development company to facilitate an app with personalized notifications and ads; a feature that is loved by both businesses and users as well. It broadcasts Bluetooth data packets and is an effective technology to gather important data on consumer behavior to have a better understanding of them. The in-app advertisements and promotional campaigns can be made more accurate and engaging by delivering real-time offers and deals to users through an app.

Developers need to dig little deeper into this amazing technology to come up with some unique concepts to add more awareness and user experience. The technology has a broad scope in industries like healthcare, travel, tourism, mobile payments, and gaming. Combining mobile app development with Beacon marketing will serve as a pathway for using location intelligence to promote user retention and engagement within your mobile app.


Technology has entered successfully from desktops to laptops then from laptops to tablets & smartphones, and finally into wearables. Smartwatches, smart jewelries, body sensors, and even smart lenses are drawing users’ attention in a great way and still have much scope to attract maximum population on this planet. What’s great about wearables is that you can control and communicate with these devices through your smartphone. And that’s why it has become one of the most popular mobile app development trends in custom iOS app development and in creating applications that support wearable technology.

The technology is extremely helpful for the medical sector where it can help doctors to monitor exact body movements, heartbeat, blood and oxygen level, body temperature and much more. Moreover, smart contact lenses and smart glasses have also proven to be quite effective with mind-reading capabilities.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Both these technologies have proven their excellence in Android Game Development where developers can quickly build AR experiences into their apps and games using the device’s camera, motion sensors, and processor. Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore have already offered inevitable mixed reality revolution into people’s lives.

Both these technologies have successfully transformed users’ experience in shopping and retail, navigation, remote assistance and virtual manuals. Developers can think of combining it with Artificial Intelligence technology. Neural networks and machine learning can accomplish virtual objects against real-world backdrop with far higher efficiency and can improve augmented reality experiences drastically.

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