Do you also prefer to go with Android Application Development instead of initiating your online business presence by creating an iOS app? Then you’re not alone. Most online businesses and app companies initially try to capture the Android market. The reason is simple, bigger opportunities. Android devices cover a huge market share and are collectively contributing to Google Play Store. Google Play Store currently accommodates the greatest number of mobile apps.

It has nearly 3.4 million mobile apps associated with different business models. The Apple store is following the same with 2 million options to choose from. Android Application Development also aims for delivering free-to-use mobile apps as a majority. That’s why it is still users’ favorite. However, Android App Development is also bringing certain challenges for the developers to come up with their products and services before the leading clients.

These challenges include Fragmentation, App Integration, Security Issues, Choice Between Standard UI and Custom UI, API Incompatibility, etc. That’s why Android Application Development Tools are crucial. These tools along with the primary technology stack available to developers help them create groundbreaking android apps for multiple devices and even other operating systems too.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 7 Android app development tools convenient for building potential android mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Let’s proceed!

What Are Android Application Development Tools?

The tools are essential for providing an entire app creation setup that helps developers and designers both to implement their innovative ideas to create competing android apps for various businesses. These tools are actually external software programs essential for creating mobile app design, functionality, and overall appearance. Hence, they have a crucial role in advanced Android Application Development that could trigger more user traffic and attention.

However, this software is not supposed to decide the mobile app server convenient for app development, neither manage the database issues of the Android app. It simply acts as an assistant to the developer amid creating the mobile app UI/UX and functions. The different varieties of such tools represent various Android App Development Services comprising:

  • Native Apps
  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Web-Based Apps

Appikr is also emerging as a famous Android app development company in the UAE using top development tools available out there. The company has delivered more than 500 mobile apps to various clients and businesses around the world so far!!

7 Best Android Application Development Tools for Getting Started

Creating your first Android mobile app can be challenging at times and the enlisted app development tools can help you include the right things and elements of content as per your client needs or user tastes and preferences. Take a look:

1. Android Studio

Android Studio primarily brings the essential Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to the table. It is a program that lets the developers type down their foundational codes for the app backend. Thereafter the programs help to create an APK file carrying the codes created. The file can further be uploaded on other Android devices out there. With Android Studio, you’re not supposed to download any additional files in this context.

2. Android SDK

Android SDK is a complete software development kit that is accompanied by special features comprising Compiling and Debugging etc. The leading tool in the development kit is known to be ADB (Android Debug Bridge). It can be used to examine a virtual device during running the mobile app. It can be helpful for developers and app owners to get a clear insight into what the app users are looking for. Such Android App Development Services are becoming crucial for modern app owners.

3. Xamarin by Microsoft

The leading use of Xamarin is creating a Cross-Platform app framework for both Android and iOS apps. However, it’s got the advantage of being a product of Microsoft and can integrate with the Microsoft Visual Studio to devote more emphasis to Android Application Development. The tool specifically supports the C# language and can also help developers create apps for Windows OS. The platform though is known to have a less convenient library as compared to Java.

4. App Builders

The next tool to review in the list is App Builders and it’s absolutely free from the programming model. The tool also supports Cross-Platform app development projects. It comprises basic app development features that can be used to generate an elementary-level interface and UX design for the mobile app. Newbie developers and app owners can go for such a tool to imitate their business presence on the android app stores.

5. B4X

Although B4X is not a very renowned tool, it is open source and free to use for any developer out there. The tool makes use of the BASIC programming language to help developers come up with an amazing android app. The language is again very useful for beginner programmers and can help developers with zero exposure to Java and Kotlin. It comprises a suite of tools that’s convenient for Cross-Platform app development frameworks.

6. Firebase

Firebase also offers an entire suite of developer tools for Android apps. However, it doesn’t represent an elementary level of Android Application Development just like B4X and App Builders. It is an advanced tool comprising Google’s Cloud Services for both mobile app and web development operations. It provides Monetization via AdMob, Safer Authentication, and an ML Kit for a better app creation experience. It also has mobile app analytics features to let the developers maintain the performance from time to time.

7. GitHub

It’s again an advanced Android app development tool that specifically represents Git repositories. Git repository refers to a collection of files associated with various versions of a mobile app development project, whether Android or iOS. In this way, the developers’ team can maintain a backup of their operations and establish better collaboration between the team while using the GitHub tool.

Final Words

The developers are supposed to choose the right tools for delivering the perfect Android mobile apps as per the client prerequisites. At Appikr, we suggest the best tools and frameworks help app companies accomplish what they deserve in the marketplace. We’re a famous iOS and Android Application Development company in the UAE, USA, UK, and India. Talk to us for more details!

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