Game design & development platforms have got a special place in the app development industry. Or we may call it a sub-industry creating gaming products & services for multiple device users out there. There are many games for PC, Consoles, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and other devices developed every year. Unity Games are one renowned category in the pool. These games are extremely famous across the globe and require the Unity mobile game development platform for building stunning 3D games for millions of users out there.

3D games are also application software that provides entertainment by distributing the gaming visuals into a 3-dimensional setup comprising height, width & depth. In this way, the game content provides a realistic experience to the players and they nearly step into a new world where they’re supposed to play a character. That’s why 3D games, especially open world genres are remarkably popular among users all over the world.

Even offline story mode 3D games are so much popular among gaming enthusiasts. Talking about the Unity Games, these are developed with the help of the famous Unity 3D Game Engine generated by Unity app development Technologies. The platform is written in C++ and C# and is primarily focused on developing iOS & Android mobile games. The platform is around one and a half decades old and has helped developers create various renowned 3D games like- Assassin’s Creed: Identity, Escape Plan, Temple Run Trilogy, Deus Ex: The Fall, etc., so far.

Through this post, you’ll get to know why Unity 3D Game Development is the best option to go in 2021. We’ll also discuss the Unity for app development in detail in the approaching section.

What is the Unity Game Engine?

The Unity Game Development platform came into existence in the mid-2000s and witnessed its very first version update in 2007 that consisted of around 50 new features. Ever since the launch, the game engine has supported various notable Mobile, PC, and Console game development projects like- Pokémon Go, Monument Valley, Cuphead, Beat Saber, Assassin’s Creed, Hearthstone, etc.

A game engine is a game development software that comprises thousands of functions & features used to develop games for different OS & device platforms. Unity Games are categorized into 2D & 3D visuals and have cross-platform compatibility to be played on different operating systems and devices. Apart from that, the game engine is convenient to create games for multiple genres like- FPS, RPG, Story Mode, Puzzles, Sports, Open World, and more.

The skilled mobile game developers at Appikr use the Unity Game Engine to develop top rating mobile games for both Android & iOS platforms. The company employs 30 devoted game developers who’re well aware of the technology and also stay updated on the mobile gaming market trends.

Unity 3D Game Development is the Best Choice of Developers

The year 2021 has brought many remarkable changes in the mobile app development market. With the introduction of new technologies, the gaming industry is also planning for better UX to develop fresh gaming enthusiasts out there. The new gaming freaks are looking for new features as they’ve got advanced devices for a better gaming experience. Hence, competition for mobile game developers and owners is increasing impactfully.

Mentioned below are the different reasons why you must go for a Unity 3D Game Development service to reach your objective of creating 3D mobile games for the target audience:

Cross-Platform Integration

Besides ordinary mobile apps, cross-platform integration is also becoming useful for mobile games. These games cover an individual user share on the app stores and can’t be neglected to serve both the Android & iOS platforms. Call of Duty: Mobile is a perfect example of Unity Game that supports a cross-platform framework. This framework helps developers create & design games using single tools & techniques that don’t promote any additional investment on part of the client.

Simple Coding Process

Following its cross-platform framework, the developers find it easy to apply their individual coding skills to develop Unity 3D Games. The framework supports multiple languages that consist- JS, C+, Boo, etc. The app development company doesn’t need to waste time teaching a particular language to all its developer teams. As such, the time & effort used to create a Unity Game reduces effectively.

AR/VR Integration

AR/VR is the new foundation of smart gaming and offers stunning visual effects for the users to more enjoy the gameplay. These technologies are slowly covering the entire 3d gaming market and users are expected to switch to likewise gaming amenities soon. Where AR represent Augmented Reality elements in the game, VR devices & headsets offer a fantastic 3D visual experience to the users.

Easy Assembly

All the elements of the application software are required to be assembled before the launch and Unity 3D Game Development makes it very simple. The game engine doesn’t require any other external tools and software to render various components of the mobile game. The developers can easily assemble them all directly on the Desktops, Consoles, Smartphones & Browsers.

Reusable Assets

These are the different designing & development assets that the developers can use to make changes and adding particular functionalities to the mobile games. Reusable assets can be very important in case the gaming content is required to be changed following a crucial issue. The developers need to discuss their concerns with the client or game owner.

Better Animation

Unity 3D Games also win the animation part by providing realistic effects accompanied with exotic features. If you look into the graphics & animation elements of the COD: Mobile game, you’ll surely remember high-end PC games.

Final Thought

Additionally, Unity Games support outstanding AAA Visuals, HD Video & Audio content even on mobile phones. The platform is consistently contributing to exceptional gaming experiences throughout the last decade. You can reach out Appikr and let us know your mobile gaming vision for a perfect outcome of your mobile game investment for both Android & iOS. We’re a leading mobile gaming development company in Dubai. Let’s talk!!

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